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Sterling's Garage
Oooh, pretty shiny thingies...

Concept Cars
(or, "What were you on when you designed that?")

And now, a fun game for your amusement! Is it a truck? Is it an SUV?


Lincoln BlackwoodLincoln Blackwood rear viewLincoln Blackwood payload interior
Lincoln Blackwood

Lincoln's PR department threw a major hissy fit when the Detroit Free Press
called this a truck at first. Lincoln rabidly insists that even though it's built on
the chassis of a Ford F-150 and shares many qualities of a truck, it is NOT a truck...
it's an "ultimate utility vehicle".

Well, if you're demanding about $55,000 apiece for them, I guess you can
call them whatever the heck you want to. (Yes, they're going to produce this.)


Chevy AvalancheChevy Avalanche rear view
Chevrolet Avalanche

Nice try Chevy, but you aren't fooling anyone. All you did was knock the back glass out of a Suburban
and slap on a bunch of tacky plastic trim. Now you go think up something original or I'm giving you a failing grade this semester. (They're gonna produce this one too.)


Ford EquatorFord Equator rear view
Ford Equator

And Ford, you're no better! What have I told you about copying off your neighbor's test papers?
You go to the principal's office right now! (Yep, gonna produce this as well, they are.)

Part Three: The Not-So-Creamy Part of the Crop

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