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Sterling's Garage
Oooh, pretty shiny thingies...

Concept Cars
(or, "What were you on when you designed that?")

Judging by these designs, I'd say that auto designers must like hiding out behind the Hot Wheels factory and rooting through the dumpsters to pick up ideas that even the toy car makers deemed too stupid. And keep in mind, Hot Wheels are the ones that make toy models of ice cream trucks with rocket motors and Army jeeps that look like scorpions.

Pontiac PirahnaPirahna rear view
Pontiac Pirahna

This one may actually make it to production as well. A recent TV car show boasted proudly about
how it had a mostly heavy-duty plastic and rubber interior that "you could clean out with a hose!"
Yeah, I'm sure the sensitive electronic equipment under the dash will LOVE that.


Jeep JeepsterJeep Jeepster
Jeep Jeepster

Gee, doesn't this design look a little... familiar?

(If you're really clueless, just look at the pictures above it.)


Mitsubishi SSS
Mitsubishi SSS

Man, Mitsubishi really likes to keep you guessing, don't they?

It's a good thing you can see the steering wheel in this photo, otherwise you'd never be able
to tell which end was the front. To be honest, I'm still not sure...


Oldsmobile Recon
Oldsmobile Recon

Because you'll never know when you'll have to engage in
covert counter-terrorist operations on your way to the grocery store.


VW Dune
Volkswagen Dune

I can just hear every 4x4 truck owner in the world laughing right now.


Chevy Monte Carlo 'Intimidator'
Chevrolet Monte Carlo "Intimidator"

You think the new Monte Carlo looks bad now? Here's what it started out as.


Peugeot 806 Runabout
Peugeot 806 Runabout

I guess a car that looks like a slipper on wheels has some advantages...
Godzilla could step on two of them and have himself a trendy new pair of rollerskates.


Chevy Nomad
Chevrolet Nomad

A failed attempt at retrostyling, it would seem. I can see a little of the '50s, some of the '90s...
but waaaaaaay too much '70s. (I had a '78 Ford LTD wagon that looked somewhat like this,
only with a boxier front end. It was that exact same mint green color, though.)


Jeep VarsityJeep Varsity rear view
Jeep Varsity

Now Jeep is ripping off the Aztek too!

I wonder if General Motors knows that someone in their company is selling their
concept designs to Daimler-Chrysler. Actually, considering the designs being stolen,
I wonder if GM even cares.


Dodge MAXXcab
Dodge MAXXcab

I think they just accidentally dropped the clay model on its nose and forgot to fix it.


Chrysler Chronos
Chrysler Chronos

Did you ever want to be a Jaguar S-Type so bad, that it hurts?

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