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Sterling's Garage

A Road Rovers fan site

** Howdy-hoddy-hi to ya! **

Thank you very much for stopping by, I'm glad to see you! I hope that what I have laying around the place is of interest to you. Anyway, I'll let you get right to it. Feel free to wander around... just don't play with the power tools. They're awful expensive, and if you break it you bought it. Okay? Okay.

(The dates at the end of the descriptions are when that particular section was last modified/upgraded/generally fooled around with.)

Wassa Road Rover?
Well, if you're here then odds are you at least have an idea of what a Road Rover is, but just in case you're new or terminally lost, here's an explanation.
(Dec. 23, 2000)

Rover Racing
Check out the stable of Road Rover-themed paint schemes created for various racing games.
(Jan. 04, 2001)

The Hedgehog Factor
You probably haven't noticed, but there's a number of curious similarities between Road Rovers and the Saturday morning Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon that ran on ABC. Coincidence... or conspiracy?
(Dec. 23, 2000)

So who the heck is Sterling and what's he got to do with the Rovers? Well, if you're plotting revenge interested, take a look here and find out about the talking doggie-guy.
(Jan. 14, 2001)

A random stack of stuff that may or may not have Rover-relevance. Care to take a chance and see what you pull up?
(Dec. 26, 2000)

Pit Road
Hit the road and see the operations of other Road Rover fans on the Internet. After all, the fans are the most important part of any kind of entertainment...
(Dec. 23, 2000)

Lawyer Repellant
Of course, ya gotta give credit where credit's due. I put the legal items on a separate page to keep loading times down, but I'd advise you look anyway. Them shysters are a sneaky bunch, you know...
(Dec. 23, 2000)

Hi, I'm Charle Frahma! Click me and I'll be your friend forever!
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