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Sterling's Garage
Oooh, pretty shiny thingies...

Concept Cars
(or, "What were you on when you designed that?")

You think that Demolition Man-style cars and SUV's pretending to be pickup trucks are bad? That's actually pretty tame stuff compared to these! Take a look at the products of what happens when auto designers go insane on the job...

Peugeot Vroomster
Peugeot Vroomster

Ah ha ha ha hah ahaaaa ha haaa... ha ha haaah ha ahaaa... Vroomster?


Subaru Scorpius
Subaru Scorpius

Roger Corman just called... he says he wants the car back on
the set of "Death Race 2000" by this afternoon.


Guigiaro Be Up
Guigiaro Be Up

Look, if you're gonna bring a car to an international car show,
you could at least finish building it first.


Pontiac Montana ThunderPontiac Montana Thunder rear view
Pontiac Montana Thunder

I would bet any amount of money that if Road Rovers had gone into its second season,
this would have shown up in at least one of the episodes. In fact, I practically guarantee it.


'Joe Boxer' Chevy Venture
"Joe Boxer" Chevrolet Venture

Joe Soccer Mom.


Toyota e.ComToyota e.Com engine
Toyota e.Com

Top: This is what you get when you cross a golf cart with an iMac.
It even has a cute "cybername" because that makes it "hip".

Bottom: That's the car's engine. I think I made a similar one with a Lego Connectix set once.

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